Design your own Wedding Gown

Do you have a particular vision of what your wedding gown should look like, but you just can't find it in the shops?  Love a gown that's almost perfect, except that you prefer the skirt from another design?  Why not consider designing your own dress?  You are unique with your own body shape and personality, and you deserve a dress that is made just for you!  Simply begin by finding what details you love and shapes of dresses that you know will suit your figure, then make an appointment to have a consultation with us.

La Vita Brides - Design your wedding gown 

Step 1: 

Send us large, clear photos of the front and back of the dress you wish to have made up or sections you wish to combine. Include the date you need it, and any additional information you think we may need to know to . We will get back to you within 24 hours to discuss all the small details to ensure everything is correct.

Agapanthus Gown Agapanthus

Step 2:

Once the details have been confirmed, we will send you a quotation for the dress.  The price will include all materials needed to make the dress.

Step 3:

We will begin making the dress when the order is confirmed and payment has been made.  Typically the leadtime for making a custom design is about 3-4 months, but we recommend that you start the whole process about 6 months before the date that you need the dress.  

Step 4:

Once the dress has been completed, our QA team will check for every detail of the dress before shipping it out to make sure you are satisfied with the final results.  

Please note that the reference pictures you provide will be used as guides to make your dress.  It will not be possible to replicate a design 100%, due to material limitations such as special lace patterns or unique fabrics.  

Dresses we cannot make

We are unable to make dresses that have proprietary materials exclusive to the original designer, heavily beaded and intricate patterned dresses, and dresses that might require extraordinary labour costs.  Some examples are as follow: